Text Properties

The component that animates the typographic CSS properties of a target content Element on most browsers.


Animate the text size or spacing properties of a target text element.

The KUTE.js Text Properties component enables animation for typography related CSS properties of content element targets on most browsers.

This small and simple component can be used to create various attention seekers for any content elements such as HTMLHeadingElement, HTMLParagraphElement, HTMLUListElement or any other, as well as for entire content blocks.

You can either animate an entire string or content block or split your string into words or letters and create a simple animation with one or more of the following properties:

Supported Properties


let tween1 = KUTE.to('selector1',{fontSize:'200%'})
let tween2 = KUTE.to('selector1',{lineHeight:24})
let tween3 = KUTE.to('selector1',{letterSpacing:50})
let tween3 = KUTE.to('selector1',{wordSpacing:50})