Color Properties

The component that animates CSS color properties for Element targets on most browsers.


Animate color properties for a target element and updates its CSS style via RGB.

The KUTE.js Color Properties component provides support for all color properties and all their variations on most browsers.

While with previous versions we used to have a keepHex option to always use the HEX format of the output color, modern browsers outright ignore the option and always deliver colors in RGB format, probably for performance reasons.

The component supports input values such as HEX, RGB and RGBA for all color properties and most browsers should also work with web safe colors, eg. color: 'red'.

For a quick reference, here are all the supported properties:

Supported Properties


OK let's have a look at some sample tween objects and a quick demo:'selector1',{color:'rgb(0,66,99)'}).start();'selector1',{backgroundColor:'#069'}).start();'selector1',{borderColor:'turquoise'}).start(); // IE9+