Welcome to KUTE.js!

The JavaScript animation engine of the future

The magic behind Spicr, the result of hard work, the bridge between old and new, the dream and inspiration.

Forward Looking

The modern JavaScript powering the core functionality, the modular architecture, the solid and complete components are all geared towards the future of web development.

Knowing the Past

While KUTE.js was re-developed to support mainly modern browsers, it also leaves the door open to old browsers with its legacy components, tools and polyfills.

ES6+ JavaScript

Inside the sources you will find fast & modern JavaScript code with solid build tools. Everything and anything can be done with SVGElement, HTML attributes, CSS transform, etc.

Cubic Bezier Easing

While the library includes Robert Penner's easing functions, KUTE.js also includes its own CubicBezier Easing class to provide fast and accurate easing for your animation.

What's not to love about it?

Yeah, the open source, modular and fully featured animation engine for the modern web, fully documented and MIT Licensed.

Any question? Find answers here, or post them here!


If you're looking for that spicy tool to kickstart your animations, developed with latest technology and modular design, you will love KUTE.js.

The JavaScript animation engine reimagined for the evolving modern web, the library that keeps track on the changing standards, the modular tool to enable creativity.

Built on modern ES6+ JavaScript Standard, packed with utilities, build tools and a wide range of supported properties, KUTE.js is now a fully featured animation engine you can use to create complex animations, with properties or elements that cannot be animated with CSS3 transitions or other animation engines, or attributes that aren't even drafted in the specification yet.

The JavaScript animation engine that never stops evolving just like we never stop learning. Instead of becoming more bloated, we make it more modular, instead of compromising we chose innovating.

While KUTE.js doesn't activelly support legacy browsers, it provides a wide range of tools and utilities you can use to create a fallback animation for every browser and property.

The demo pages use a dedicated polyfill for IE10+ browsers, but today we have polyfill services and a wide range of browser detection options to handle legacy browsers, our focus here is the highest performance on modern browsers.

By the way, KUTE.js is really fast.

ES6+ JavaScript

The entire codebase reworked on the latest standards with flexible rollup based build tools. Most classes are extensible via the ES6 extend or your usual prototype, depending on the class.

Lots of Components

All your previously supported properties and plugins have been split into components for more modularity. New additions have been added for a broader scope. The official distribution only includes most popular components.

Familiar Syntax

You can create your tween objects with a familiar syntax with your trusted options, the callback system and other component related options.

Tools and Options

Along the wide range of options, certain components provide tools for further control over the outcome. Also there's a progress bar somewhere.

Well Documented

Each component demo page comes packed with tons of guides and tips on how to optimize the performance and visual presentation.

MIT License

The library is released under the MIT License.